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Why choose offshore development in Ukraine and built your remote team with us?

Top Developers

We have access to a vast talent pool of 200,000 experienced developers across Ukraine and will find you the best fit within 4 to 6 weeks. These are both software and app engineers skilled in a range of technologies.

Constant Support

We support you at every stage of the projects, regardless of the team size. We provide you with recommendations on the most effective team management practices to establish a reliable working relationship with the developers.

No Third-party Interference

We give the right to manage your offshore development team directly and exclude the impact of any third parties. You can be flexible in the management tools and methods you use.

Administrative Support

We manage the hustle with accounting, office management, and HR so that you can focus on the project solely.

You Pay Only For the Developers You Hire

We release the financial obligation for recruitment unless you hire software developers in Ukraine with us, which provides a risk-free recruitment process.

Simple Recruitment

We provide you with flexibility when forming your desired team - just let us know about the changes you need to make (i.e., team size) one month in advance.

Proven Experience

Our company has been on the market for 12 years, having small, medium and large businesses in diverse industries as our partners. We know how to meet the needs of each client of ours, regardless of it being a two-person startup or a multinational corporation.


We are a Salesforce Registered Partner, which means we can receive software licenses on preferential terms, professional training for our developers as well as informational and technical support from Salesforce.