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How We Helped to Build a Dedicated Software Development Team for Captain Marketing


Marketing & Advertising 


USA, Calabasas

Team Size

1 senior developer, 2 middle frontend developers, 5 middle backend developers, 1 project manager

Success Story


  • Existing CRM was very slow
  • Lack of needed reports
  • Customer wanted to implement unique functionality for his processes
  • Ready solutions cost too much due to big amount of users
  • The client wanted to see the progress of the company in one dashboard


We analyzed the client’s business processes and planned the structure. We started working on the most important parts, such as CRM and Sales Department Automation.

Then, we created and connected the following:

  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Distribution
  • Team Management
  • Connected Five 9 Auto Dialer
  • Connected CRM and Fonality VoIP
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tool
  • Marketplace Solution
  • Retention Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Finance Management
  • Client Portal
  • Client Questionary
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Automation Process / Management
  • Chrome Plugin for Fonality
  • Presentation Management


  • Optimized Workflow of Sales, Marketing, Operational, Finance Departments
  • The client was provided with a fast proprietary solution with unlimited abilities
  • The client has received exactly the solution he wanted

User Interface

Captain Marketing is a personal Internet Marketing Superhero. The company is U.S. based, with 1,500+ current, successful clients – all of whom rule their Internet Worlds. The company has over 100 in-house specialists to implement quantifiably-proven, the cost-effective mix of components including SEO, PPC and Web Design.

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