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What companies use Salesforce?

Some of the titan companies that use Salesforce are Spotify, Amazon Web Services, Toyota, American Express, Canon, among many others

What makes Salesforce a great platform?

Salesforce provides its customers with features that no other CRM system does. They include task management, tracking, contact management, workflow creation, customer engagement tools, analytics, and many others. Moreover, it provides marketing features such as social media and email integration and marketing-leads monitoring, and sales features which include sales forecasting, as well as sales-leads and communities monitoring.

Why is Salesforce so expensive?

Salesforce's subscription provides limited storage capability, so to get additional storage, its users pay additional fees.

Is Salesforce really free for nonprofits?

Salesforce has a Power of Us Program, which offers the first 10 subscriptions for free. Moreover, the Nonprofit Pack includes additional solutions to manage fundraising, program management, grants management, and marketing and engagement.

Is there a free version of Salesforce?

Salesforce provides a free 30-day trial.

How much is Salesforce monthly?

Salesforce has four editions for different types of businesses that have different pricing. Essentials: $25 per month; Professional: $75 per month; Enterprise: $150 per month, Unlimited: $300 per month.

How do I purchase Salesforce?

Salesforce offers four editions for different business types. According to your type of business, you can choose the most suitable edition.

What is Einstein in Salesforce?

Salesforce Einstein is artificial-intelligence technology developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to provide sales and marketing departments with more accurate customer and sales forecasts.

Why is Salesforce so popular?

Salesforce gained its popularity for providing additional useful features, not only for customer management, but for marketing and sales departments as well that other CRM systems do not have.

What are the disadvantages of Salesforce?

Salesforce’s disadvantages include the pricing, complexity in setting up and configuration, cluttered interface, extra purchases to get add-ons.

What are the advantages of Salesforce?

The major Salesforce advantages include, but are not limited to customer information, account planning, time management, collaboration team, and accessibility.

What problems does Salesforce solve?

Salesforce solves more problems than a CRM system usually does. It provides deeper information not only in customer management but also in commerce, sales, marketing, service etc.

What ERP does Salesforce use?

Salesforce has native integrations with two ERP vendors: SAP and Oracle.

Is Salesforce easy?

No. Because of its variety of services it may be difficult to learn.

Why do we need Salesforce?

Salesforce’s distinguishing feature is that it improves the organization of information between different departments by sharing it simultaneously with IT, sales, commerce, service, etc. It helps improve the understanding of the customer in one CRM.

Is Salesforce just a CRM?

Salesforce started as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM company, but it also provides multiple software solutions. Salesforce is used by companies to assist in marketing, tracking sales, and analyzing performance.

What is Salesforce and how does it work?

Salesforce is a cloud-based computing software-as-a-service company (SaaS) that specializes in customer relationship management (CRM). It helps businesses connect with customers and partners through cloud technology.

What companies use PHP?

Titan companies such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Mailchimp, Slack, WordPress, and Etsy use PHP.

How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

The average rate of PHP developers is $25 - 50 per hour. However, the rates may vary depending on how you plan to hire the coder. Outsourcing services remain one of the most cost-effective ways.

Are there specific websites for finding PHP freelancers?

Yes, you can search for PHP freelancers in such platforms as PHP Classes, Indeed, We Work Remotely, GitHub jobs, Upwork, and Freelancer among others.

Where can I hire a good PHP developer?

Depending on what type of collaboration you are looking for, there are several options where you can find good PHP developers. If you prefer to hire freelancers, you should consider platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Codementor; if you are looking for an in-house developer, services such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn may help you; if you decided to outsource PHP developers, you should get in touch with outsourcing agencies, such as HUD, who will provide you with the perfect candidates.

What is a Laravel developer?

A Laravel developer is a PHP developer who specializes in the Laravel framework.

What are PHP developer skills?

PHP developer skillet includes, but is not limited to the following: knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL; understand PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and Zend; APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture and knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

What is the role of a PHP developer?

A PHP developer is responsible for writing server-side logic.

Are PHP developers in demand?

Yes, PHP developers are in demand. In fact, PHP developer rules have increased by 834%, transforming it into the fastest-growing technology job.

Who is a PHP developer?

A PHP developer creates programs, applications, and websites using the PHP programming language.

How do you manage a development team?

Here are some tips on how to successfully manage a development team: hire the right people, improve communication, provide your team with the tools they need, measure productivity, schedule meetings, and document the processes, workflows, and results.

What makes a good software team?

A good software team possesses the following traits: strong culture, common goals, independence, clearly fixed roles, and responsibilities, and effective communication.

What does a development team do?

A development team does not only write code, they involve all the necessary activities that a project requires. It includes multifunctional professionals that provide the maximum value at every level of the project.

Where do the team members come from on these dedicated teams?

Using outsourcing services, it is possible to find dedicated developers for your projects from any part of the world. In fact, the most cost-effective and qualified developers are being outsourced from the countries of Eastern Europe.

Who are the members of a development team?

Usually, a development team consists of a project manager, software architect, project lead, QA engineer, backend developer, database administrator.

What is the recommended size for a development team?

The recommended size of a development team is between three and nine members. However, the number of developers should be dictated by the needs of the project.

What is a dedicated project team structure?

A dedicated project team structure is a structure where the project is outsourced to a remote team of developers.

What does “dedicated” mean?

In IT, “dedicated” means reserved for a specific use.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is a business model when a company gets qualified IT professionals for a certain period of a project duration through a service provider.

How do you manage a team remotely?

Here are some tips to follow to successfully manage a team remotely: have a daily check-in, keep up the regular communication, set realistic expectations, focus on the results, and be flexible.

How do you manage an offshore team?

To successfully manage an offshore team you should complete the following tips: ensure quality communication and culture fit, schedule regular meetings, provide the tools your team needs, clearly state the ideas and visions, and equally treat your in-house and offshore team members.

How do you hire offshore software developers?

There are some steps you should follow to successfully hire offshore software developers: create an attractive job description, filter CVs, screen and test your candidates, interview the best fit, clear out all the points about your cooperation, and onboard.

What is better offshore or onshore?

Both outsourcing models are two sides of the same coin. Onshore is near but expensive, when offshore is inexpensive and flexible, but may create difficulties when working virtually. However, you can consider the option of dual outsourcing, where you get the advantages of both of them.

What are the benefits of offshore outsourcing?

The primary benefits of offshore outsourcing include, but are not limited to cost-effectiveness, access to a wider pool of talent, lower taxes, and the possibility to source staff from around the globe.

What is the difference between onsite and offshore?

Onsite, or onshore, outsourcing is the opposite of offshore. Onsite outsourcing is the process of recruiting qualified personnel for your business in the same geographical location where the business operates.

How to set up an offshore development center?

There are several steps you should follow to set up an offshore development center. Some of the most important include: pick a location, find a trusted partner, get legal support, recruit professionals, organize payroll.

What is an offshore development center?

An offshore development center is a software development team that supports a company located in another country.

What is offshore outsourcing in BPO?

Offshore outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a recruiting process of finding qualified personnel for your business in countries with lower labor costs.

What is an offshore model?

An offshore business model is the relocation of a business process to another country.

What is a relocation mortgage?

A relocation mortgage is designed specifically for employee relocation and transfer as a part of an incentive package. It involves financial contribution by the employer as a part of the package.

What is a relocation policy?

A relocation policy aims to standardize the relocation process by helping prepare the employee and the business for the move and establish distributing benefits.

How do relocation services work?

If there is a lack of IT talent or necessary skill set for a project in your country, then relocation services may help you recruit and transfer a new employee with all the requirements from other countries.

Why is relocation needed?

Relocation is needed when a company can not find the necessary skill sets in its country. Using such services provides a wider pool of talent that can be the perfect match for a job opening.

What are the disadvantages of staffing?

Despite the possibility to work accommodating the employee’s lifestyle, for some, it may not be a good option. As it is not a full-time role, the candidate does not get the benefits that are covered by the employer, such as insurance policies and retirement plans.

What are the benefits of using a staffing agency?

Using a staffing agency is both beneficial for the employee and the employer. Those benefits include expenses reduction, hiring speed increment, access to a wide pool of talent, and specialized skill sets. They provide higher chances of getting hired as well as finding the most suitable employee.

What are staffing goals?

The main goal of staffing is to establish adequately skilled and trained personnel that will perfectly suit the requirements and needs of a business.

What are the steps in staffing?

There are 7 most important steps in staffing: manpower planning, employment of staff, placement, induction, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.

What are the types of staffing?

There are four types of staffing: short-term staffing, long-term staffing, succession planning, and strategic staffing. The last one is the combination of the first three.

What is the staffing process?

The staffing process is a management function that involves recruiting, evaluating, and selecting the most qualified candidates to fill the job openings in organizations.

What is an IT staffing firm?

IT staffing firms provide recruitment services by matching IT job or project openings with the most suitable job seekers.

How quickly can I hire JavaScript Developers?

Employing in-house JavaScript developers and looking for a freelance coder may take some time. The quickest way to hire JavaScript developers is to partner with an outsourcing company, like HUD, which already has a big team of JavaScript developers and can provide you with the perfect candidates straight away.

How much does it cost to hire a JavaScript developer?

Different ways of hiring have different cost rates. However, there is a tendency that North America and Australia have the most expensive engineers, while JavaScript developers from Asia and Eastern Europe are the favorite ones to hire because of the cost-effectiveness.

What skills should I look for in a JavaScript developer before hiring?

The most important thing here is to clearly understand what skills your project requires. However, the basic skills of a JavaScript developer include JavaScript frameworks comprehension, such as Ionic or React, HTML & CSS knowledge. Collaborating with an outsourcing agency will simplify this process, as the skill set of the candidates is chosen according to the project needs.

Where do I find JavaScript developers if I live outside the US?

Using outsourcing services, it is possible to find a JavaScript developer for your project from any part of the world. In fact, the most cost-effective and qualified developers are being outsourced from the countries in Eastern Europe.

Where do I find top JavaScript developers for my project?

Depending on what type of collaboration you have chosen, there are several options where you can find top JavaScript developers. If you prefer to hire freelancers, you should consider platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Codementor; if you are looking for an in-house developer, services such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn may help you; if you decided to outsource JavaScript developers, you should get in touch with outsourcing agencies, such as HUD, who will provide you with the perfect candidates.

How do I hire a JavaScript developer?

There are multiple ways how you can hire a JavaScript developer. Depending on your project’s requirements and objectives, you can hire freelance developers, employ an in-house team of developers, or hire a remote JavaScript developer or team of developers.

What does a JavaScript developer do?

JavaScript developers are responsible for front-end coding and implementation, which defines the logic of visual elements of an application, and its successful connection with the back-end. They focus on the user experience and interface, retrieving data from the server, instant response to clicks, and dynamically updated pages.

Where are your offices located?

  • Our offices placed in two Ukrainian largest cities – Kyiv and Lviv and well-equipped for developers.
  • Your software dedicated team can work from both offices, and choose of the location will depend on you.

Do you have any fees for recruitment services?

  • If you want to build a development team with our company, in this case, there are no charges for the recruitment process. Any changes in your team will be without additional costs too.

What assistance HireUkrainianDevelopers company offers to the clients?

  • We take care of the whole process of development of the teams located in the offshore building. As well, you can count on our full assistance with recruitment and relocation of Ukrainian developers if you are interested in qualified specialists working on-site. If you need more detailed information, please check our services. We will control all about team managing and maintaining in fully-equipped offices.

How do you find developers?

  • You inform us about your requirements, and our recruiters start working based on them. When they find suitable candidates, they arrange an interview with you. You can have meetings with as many experts as you need until you finally find the right candidates. We ask the potential candidates to provide their description of completed projects, source code samples to check the quality, colleague's feedbacks, or whatever you might request.

What’s the estimated time of recruiting and setting up a team?

  • It usually takes from 4 up to 6 weeks if we speak about team building from scratch. To assess how long exactly it can take, we need to know your requirements such as the skillset, team size, and experience.

Do you have experience in building big development teams?

  • Yes. We have built many large development teams and we are ready to build one more based on your needs and requirements.

In what technologies and programming languages we may rely on your help?

  • We can find developers with any programming languages and technologies. JavaScript, Java, PHP, Scala, Magento, Python, Ruby, C++, Unity3D, C# and other programming languages from more than 200,000 specialists are available. It is possible though that we might not find fast as expected the needed specialist because you need something not ordinary. We will inform you about such delays immediately and will offer some alternatives if any.
  • You might find required developers in our list of available developers for instant hiring in Ukraine

What kind of employees are you able to hire for me?

  • We provide assistance in recruiting experts in the following specializations:
  • Web and Mobile Developers
  • Business analysts
  • Certified Salesforce consultants and administrators
  • QA engineers (Manual and Automation)
  • Project managers and product owners
  • UX/UI designers
  • DevOps engineers and system administrators
  • IT support engineers L1, L2, L3 and more specializations upon your request.

What is your average hourly rate for developers and how do you charge?

  • The hourly rate of your team depends on skillset and qualifications, as well as on developer's salary expectations.
  • The average hourly rate in Ukraine starts from $25 up to $45.

Can you provide client references?

  • Sure, we can provide client references from the US, UK and EU.

Can you assist me if I am looking for one developer?

  • Of course, we can. There are many clients who work with one developer only. Let us know your requirements and we will find the right specialist for you.

Will you provide support for my team and me?

  • You will be in constant touch with our managers, who will communicate with you directly and your team. Our local accountants and legal team will be managing all the accounting and legal issues of your team here on site.
  • Our local team of office administrators will help to resolve any office issues to guarantee the stable work of your development team.

Do you charge a setup fee?

  • We don't charge any setup fees.

Can you help me to manage my team?

  • If you don't have an in-house project manager on your side, who can manage remote developers, we can help to hire our local project manager or assign a team lead.

What should I do if my developer has issues with communications or his performance isn’t good?

  • Please, inform us without delays. We will find a way to improve collaboration between you and your developer. If it doesn't work, we will find a replacement for free.

Can I invite my development team to my office or visit my team in your offices?

  • Yes. We think that workshops with your team in our or your office will help to build trust and mutual understanding. Our managers will assist you with all the needed procedures, such as accommodation and tickets.

Should I pay any cancellation fee if I decide to terminate our collaboration?

  • No, we do not have any cancellation fees. The only requirement is to inform us well in advance, preferably four weeks before the collaboration is over.

How do you protect my intellectual property and secure the development process?

  • We sign an NDA with you and our developers, and we suggest you follow a similar practice before hiring anyone and all products developed by your team belong to you.
  • We have many security measures to protect the development process of your team such as antivirus and firewall protection, restricted offices access, strong password policy and upon your request, any other security measures can be implemented.

Can you work in our time zone to avoid communication barriers?

  • Sure, our developers can shift their work schedule for 2-3 hours to arrange comfortable communicating with you.