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Have you ever considered a remote team but was afraid of potential issues that may be caused by workers scattered around the globe? Curious about how outsourcing companies work?

Worry no longer - we will take care of everything, starting from understanding your needs to the whole employee lifecycle. Whether you need just extended team members or a fully-staffed, dedicated team, we’ll have you covered. Let’s have a look at the whole process overview.

Discovery Phase

At this stage, we ensure the client’s safety by signing a NDA to protect any sensitive data and confidential company information.

After that, we schedule a call to find out more about our clients and their business. During this call, we identify clients’ objectives and gather all the requirements regarding the desired candidate or a dedicated team, including hard and soft skills, working experience and other important aspects crucial for the client.


Once the requirements are settled and we are acquainted with the needs of our client, we start the recruitment process. We conduct a thorough search following all the specified criteria to find a perfect match for you. Our extensive database has more than 200 000 top-notch candidates so that we can guarantee the speed of selecting proper employees for your project. Since the IT field is rapidly developing in Ukraine, the quality of work and experience in working with outsourced and remote projects give Ukrainians solid expertise and benefits in comparison with other job markets. We discuss every candidate with you and once the desired pool is filled, we can start the selection process.

Technical Interview

During the selection, we conduct a series of interviews and test tasks to staff your team with qualified extended team members or enhance your project with a fully equipped dedicated team. When all the appropriate candidates are selected we start our first round of the interviewing process where technical tasks are done by a potential employee to check their professional level. During the assessment, we perform the code review to ensure the highest technical skills. During this stage, it is also possible to arrange the interview directly with the client if the need arises.

Soft Skills Interview

The second round of questions is scheduled to check the level of English proficiency. The desired level is Advanced - C1 to ensure proper communication, since it is of utmost importance in remote environments. Also, soft skills are assessed to find out whether a candidate is a team player and will go for the dedicated team. Nowadays it is a tendency to сhoose a balance between hard and soft skills. Some candidates may be great at coding but poor in communication. In the majority of cases, despite high professional level such people will not be good team players and may negatively affect the team morale and performance overall. With soft skills, such as the ability to communicate and to provide and accept feedback, relationships with colleagues will be a huge benefit for a remote team member.

Final Interview

Once all the previous stages are passed, all hard and soft skills match client’s expectations, our client approves a candidate and the last interview is conducted. Here, the client and a candidate can discuss organizational moments and final agreements are reached. Then it's time to welcome a new team member on board!


Also, at this stage, additional documents, such as a contract regarding the cooperation of a client with our company (along with the NDA between a developer and a client) are signed. From the first working day, we help a developer to integrate into a new team environment. We all know that proper onboarding may influence the whole career path of employees, so we do everything possible so that this period of adaptation runs smoothly and there is enough time to get comfortable in the new working place. This time is necessary for a person to acquire all the required accesses and tools crucial for everyday work. For a person to feel engaged, we arrange meetings with the team and ensure that the person has enough time to get acquainted with all the colleagues and rules of the project s/he will be working with.

Performance Review

We are interested in employees' professional growth; that is why we arrange regular performance reviews for all the members of dedicated teams. Also, our client managers and HR department request regular feedback from clients on the team and individual members to eliminate the slightest nuances related to work processes and keep delivering the best experience to our customers in terms of outstaff personnel. We practice 360-degree reviews to receive unbiased opinions from all the colleagues a certain employee has an opportunity to work with and assess the level of cooperation among all the other important factors. These reviews are aimed at assessing the quality of work and development and help team members to receive feedback on their work, know their strengths and areas for improvement, to ensure the space for future growth. Another positive outcome we receive is the improvement of working relationships, which leads to higher performance for the whole team.

HR and Technical Support

In any work place, employee may become demotivated. In the remote working space, it is even harder to spot and sometimes it becomes inevitable to detect and avert the negative tendencies, which may lead to a decreased level of work and even the necessity of parting ways with an employee. Our HR team to the rescue! We create a pleasant working environment that encourages our employees to share honest feedback which is heard and makes their work a dream place. We take efforts for people to be satisfied with their work, not only by valuing transparency, but also by taking care of some of the smallest details, such as any issues with hardware or software and other nuances that can spoil employee mood and block productivity. We contribute to the positive atmosphere, which makes people eager to work and obtain the highest results!

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We know all the pitfalls of the dedicated teams and, at the same time, all its charms. Our experience of staffing helped us to complete hundreds of projects, helping our clients to care about their business and us to deal with the people who will be working on their project. We cooperate with companies all around the world, providing them with the highest level of Ukrainian code capacities and most accountable people.

Still not convinced? Request a consultation or chat with our team to dispel all your doubts.