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Ukraine IT
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Most IT professionals in Europe come from Ukraine. It means that here, you will definitely find a specialist with the desired set of skills.

We perform all of the HR-relevant procedures before IT relocation: CV screening and selection, skill-testing of specialists, conducting a simulated work scenario trial, and any other processes that may be required.

To start, you only need to let us know your requirements regarding the desired employee skills.

complience with requirements

Compliance with your requirements

free recruitment

Free recruitment


Direct management

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Reduced costs

How we work

Discovery call


Before starting the recruitment process, we arrange a meeting and discuss your business needs and requirements to specialists: the needed skills, specific features, needs in IT relocation, your budget, etc.

Finding and interviewing candidates

Hire Developers in Ukraine: A Guide for Beginners

We introduce you to the most suitable candidates for relocation for an interview. You might set up an interview with candidates via Zoom or any other video messenger. If you prefer arranging personal meetings, we can meet in one of our offices in Lviv or Kyiv.

Hiring specialists

interview dedicated developent team

After the best applicants have been selected, we can start with the relocation of your specialist or team.

Help with relocation

Help with relocation

If you are not comfortable with managing all the relocation procedures, we will assist your employees with all the relevant procedures and documents.

Our Clients

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Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects.

Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects.

Their team offers quick turnaround times and high quality work, as well as brings innovative ideas to the table. They have built programs which are now the backbone of our organization and continue to help us grow.

Larry Organ | Chief Executive Officer

Why companies use our services for software developers IT relocation and recruiting?

Vast talent pool

The Ukrainian IT market is full of talented enthusiasts and skilled professionals. So the reason why relocation from Ukraine is benefiting: we have access to more than 200,000 specialists in our database. It allows us to select and hire only the best specialists with the rarest skills for you. Each candidate is selected in compliance with your requirements and demands. So, when asking why developers hired with HUD easily overcome resettlement doubts, the answer is: we hire talents applying the most advanced recruitment techniques and desire to meet clients’ needs.

Long-term cooperation

We are interested in long-term cooperation. That’s why we do take care of the data and your projects to give a hand with. Consequently, we suggest signing a non-disclosure agreement and scheduling a discovery call, where we are trying to dive into the project with the aim of hiring the ones perfect for you.

Customizable Recruiting Processes

Your requirements are the basis of our talent sourcing, and customization of the recruiting process is our main approach when it comes to the relationship with clients. We consider your business needs, its current condition, and your requirements when choosing your prospective employees.

Collaboration easiness

Collaboration consistency and simplicity are our main priorities. All that you need to do is familiarize us with your requirements, and we will find the most suitable IT specialists for you.

Rapid & effective recruitment

There’s no need for the performance of any market research or suitable destination search. Just send us your requirements, and we’ll do the rest. While giving you an opportunity to focus on your business, we will take care of all the recruitment headaches.

Our recruiters are familiar with different techniques aimed at speeding up the recruitment process and relocating your future professionals in the most efficient and stress-free way. Relocation is being facilitated with the fact of opened boundaries to Schengen and EU countries, so each potential employee may meet the client in person to feel more about the project and employer when the corporate culture requires as such.

Soft skills interviews with candidates

When we are selecting specialists for your company, we pay attention not only to their technical skills but also their soft skills to provide an appropriate basis for comfortable collaboration.

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Available Developers for Hire in Ukraine

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3 years experience

Nikita is a highly flexible expert with overall three years of experience building custom solutions on the platform for various business fields. He has been trained and is certified in Salesforce software development. Nikita is a confident communicator, skillful in making personal connections with clients.

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12 years experience

Dmitry has a lot of experience in cross-platform software development, team management based on the SCRUM methodology, strong math background, long experience in programming, as well as a deep understanding of OOP, DOP principles, and design patterns. Also, he has experience in mobile development, in particular, the client-server architecture develop ...

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