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How We Helped to Build a Dedicated Software Development Team for REC

Rec aims to remove the barriers between consumers and products by helping them to find a product best suitable for their lifestyle.


Online Media 


United Kingdom, London

Team Size

1 senior developer, 1 middle frontend developer, 1 project manager, 1 QA engeneer (part-time)


PHP Symfony

Success Story


Every consumer deserves some help when looking into making a new purchase, whether it is a product or a service.


The system created by a dedicated development team based on AI now allows applying a smart filtration system to offer customers exactly what they need for their lifestyle, providing handy tips along the way.


Improving people’s lives by helping to save their time and money, providing them with recommendations on the best products or services according to their individual needs.

User Interface

Matthew Courtney

Managing Director

The team is highly reliable and always eager to help. They offer a breadth of services and areas of expertise.

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