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Our Process

1. What Are Your Needs?

To begin with, we start our cooperation by discussing your needs, desired outcomes of our cooperation, general terms and provisions, and the structure of your required team you. There are two ways we can accomplish this:

General Requirements & Headhunting: After we pinpoint the needs of your business and requirements you have for the future employees, we identify the best candidates. At first, we might recommend several candidates for you to hire so that you can evaluate their performance and decide whether you are ready to hire an entire team.

Meeting: If you want to eliminate all the risks, we can arrange a meeting with the executives of your company and the candidates so that we define who fits your needs best.

2. Recruit Remote Developers

At this point, our specialists start to compile all the requirements you have to find the best specialists. After that, we filter out our talent pool and define the most valuable members for your future team. Eventually, you get a list of handpicked candidates who fit your requirements. We can assist in finding any number of candidates as we have access to a vast talent pool.

With the completed list of the best candidates, you are ready to conduct interviews. With only the most fitting specialists shortlisted, you will not have to spend too much time and will avoid a tiresome headhunting process. In case there is such a need, we can also conduct the interviews for you, and you will end up with an already formed team of developers.

3. Our Work Begins

With a team ready to start working, we provide your developers with a proper workspace and all the necessary equipment. If you choose to hire Ukrainian developers, we will make sure to provide them with the best conditions for the proper performance and timely task completion.

We also take care of all the expenses on ensuring comfortable conditions for your remote developers, making sure they have all the necessary tools for work as well as all the amenities for leisure.

As we strongly believe, happy employees are productive employees. Therefore, we make sure all the developers are completely satisfied with their working conditions. We also take on all documentation regarding payrolls, days-off, taxes, and administrative issues. Additionally, we adjust the working process of your remote team to fit your chosen management model.

4. Full-Cycle Support

We ensure proper communication between our clients and remote developers. To make it possible, we have a Client Management department that helps you maintain effective communication and cooperation with the developers you hire. We provide performance reports as well as any work-related information you require, including the job satisfaction rate of your team. You will be receiving all the necessary data on a regular basis so that you can track the performance of your teams at all times.

full-cycle recrutioment outsourcing process HUD

We ensure complete security of all the working process for both you and remote developers. Our workspaces can only be accessed by our employees, and we do not reveal the provisions of our cooperation to third parties. All of your data is secure in the hands of our developers.

To make sure all the employees are comfortable and happy, we host team building activities and corporate parties that help in strengthening the bond between our developers and other members of our teams.