Ukrainian Software Development Market Overview

Ukraine is one of the leaders among IT outsourcing service providers in Europe

3$ billion market
Ukraine can double the market size by 2020
In the top 50 of the World's Most Innovative Economies (Bloomberg 2017)
PwC ranked Ukraine 5th among Top 25 IT service exporters
Ukraine was included in Gartner’s list of top 10 emerging-market locations for offshore services
According to Colliers international, Ukraine has the 4th largest number of IT professionals globally
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Educational & Academic Capacity

  • 350 educational institutions maintaining IT-related programs
  • Over 100,000 software developers in Ukraine, more than 20 000 in Lviv
  • 19% of all software developers have 7+ years of experience
  • 70% of Ukrainian programmers speak English on the upper-intermediate level or higher

Number of graduates with technical degrees

28,122 bachelor students

9,294 master students

1,360 PhD students



More than 2,000 startups, such as
Looksery, PetCube, Grammarly, DepositPhotos, Jooble,
Viewdle, CleanMyMac – all started in Ukraine

depositphotos microstock photography agency logo jooble employment-related search engine for job listings  logo viewdle facial recognition company logo
petcube gadgest for pets logo MacPaw applications for macs logo
looksery software and photography company logo grammarly english language writing-enhancement platform logo

R&D centers

More than 100 R&D centers of the worlds IT giants, like – Cisco, Oracle, Rakuten, Samsung. The biggest partners for collective R&D activities – USA, EU, Israel

samsung multinational conglomerate logo rakuten electronic commerce and internet company logo
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Community of professionals

Active, continuously growing community of software developers with groups and events like IDCEE, iForum, IT Arena, IT Evolution Meetings, and many others. Lviv IT Arena 2016 became the largest Eastern European IT conference gathering over 2,500 participants from Ukraine

iForum the biggest offline conference in Ukraine logo
ITArena biggest IT event in Eastern Europe logo IDCEE conference on Internet technologies and innovations logo

General competitive advantages

Location & Culture

Almost the same business hours as EU companies and 7 hours ahead of the US

No Communication & cultural barriers, western corporate culture compatibility

Only a 2-3 hours fight separates Ukraine from Germany, the UK, and other Western European countries

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