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How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?


Hiring new talents to join your team is a complex process, and it might take some time to consider the right candidates. Of course, evaluating all the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates is critical, and that is why most tech groups interview candidates and then give their feedback for too long. Eventually, this process makes recruitment highly inefficient. So, how long should a hiring process take? The simple answer is that the shorter, the better. For a more detailed guideline on how to make the process such, one has to consider particular factors listed below.

Time Your Hiring Period

So, how long does hiring process take? It really depends on numerous factors and the number of positions that need filling. If the company looks to fill just one position, the hiring process can take less than a week. But how long should the hiring process take if the company needs to fill several or even multiple positions? Well, in such cases, it might even be a continuous recruiting process 2019 to 2020 and so forth.

In case the company needs to fill just one or several positions, the answer to how long does the job hiring process take becomes easier to figure out. Time input is valuable, but the companies need to be fast because others can dry out the local talent pool. But how long does the hiring process take when the hirer is in a rush? In this case, the hirer can just approve every candidate, but the problem with this 0 reject rate is that the company might hire too many ill-suited candidates.

A long hiring process is never a good thing, so from the moment the first peopletech group interviews are filled to the moment interview reviews are posted by the recruiters, there has to be a time window of no more than a week. The companies also need to come up with proper reports and interview questions, but it is best to do it beforehand so that the candidates do not wonder: why does the hiring process take so long?

hiring process timeline

Here is a list of practices to shorten the hiring process.

Scan Domestic Talent Pool First

Prior to starting an actual process of talent acquisition, most hiring managers scan the available talent pool to find out whether there are enough domestic job seekers out there. In case the local talent pool is full of potential employees, a well-designed social media campaign might help in creating a desired level of interest.

Being a desirable employment destination is critical for any company because people want to work for a reputable business, a business that has a name. That is why creating a positive employer brand is a continuous process that prefaces the actual hiring process. So establishing it first will save time in further hiring procedures.

Beware of Other Hirers Around

Remember that, at all times, when launching a recruiting process in tech industry, there are other companies that might be looking for employees in the area at the same time, so there’s no time to lose. When considering the frame for the recruiting cycle time tech companies often make the mistake of believing that they are the only desirable employment option in the area. That is not always the case as there might be several other employers around looking for the same kind of employees.

People who interviewed candidates, at some point, know that sometimes they might be as picky as the companies they apply for. This means that the hirer is not the only one making a choice; the candidates might also choose between different companies. Recruiting process is not only picking the best candidates but also making sure the best candidates come to the interview in the first place.

The candidates, especially good ones, would also think twice before even applying for the job. They browse companies by jobs locations, go through the position reviews posted anonymously by people who worked for the company before, and make their decision based on these reviews. That is why the recruiting strategy must account for the candidate’s being able to choose, too.

Make Your Decision

After the recruiters go through reports and interview questions, they can also ask for the feedback given anonymously that peopletech specialists would later analyze. There is no need to delete response or cancel any data collection because it might be helpful. But how long does it take to make a hiring decision, some might ask. If the company goes through a long interview process and the peopletech programmer interview schedule is tight, it might become challenging to choose the most beneficial option.

Therefore, the right thing to do is create a clear job description and know whom to look for exactly. In case there are problems in defining how long is the average job interview and how to make it faster, addressing it will help make the process faster. If the potential employees do not know how to ask the employer to speed up the hiring process, they can get disappointed and just leave on the stage of filing a response when still in process of filling position. So the employers can train to run interviews faster and improve the hiring committee thought experiment, which might be the best choice for the inexperienced hirers.

In any case, the hiring process can be quite long, but there are ways to speed it up. And it should be short, in fact, in order to avoid talent loss and project delays.


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