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Angular vs React vs Vue JS: When and How to Hire Frontend Developers – and Which You Should Choose

Angular VS. React VS. Vue JS Hiring, Trends & Cost

Find out everything you need to know about Vue JS vs Angular vs React: usage, pros and cons, trends, how to hire a front end developer, hourly rates and cost.

97.4% of all existing websites use JavaScript in one form or another. It is loved by many because of the huge number of benefits it offers to its users, such as support by all major browsers or full integration with HTML/CSS. Continuous advancements in JavaScript allow coders to work with all areas of the software industry, to the point where it is now firmly considered to be the best programming language available to make software development easier and more accessible.

In this article, we will make a detailed comparison of JavaScript´s most popular frameworks, Angular vs React vs Vue.js, including their benefits and specific use cases. Moreover, we will dive into the hot topic of how to hire the most qualified developers to meet your business’s needs.

Top JavaScript Advantages

  • JavaScript is platform independent;
  • Syntax flexibility allows you to create different variations of code;
  • JavaScript offers procedural programming features;
  • Offers rich interfaces with high-level functions;
  • JavaScript can extend the functionalities of the websites you visit;
  • JavaScript can be used inside scripts written in other languages;
  • JavaScript has one of the widest communities of any programming language, which means efficient support and vast talent pool;
  • JavaScript syntax is easy to debug and test;
  • JavaScript has powerful frameworks.

Top JavaScript Frontend Frameworks

Frameworks help businesses and developers create complex applications faster and easier. In fact, frameworks revolutionized the web development industry. Among the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks are React, Angular and Vue.js. These frameworks offer tools that streamline development, reducing development time and the effort required to write code and eliminating the necessity to perform repetitive tasks. These features accelerate the development process but still preserve the highest quality possible. When it comes to front end development, it is all down to the choice between React vs Angular vs Vue.js.


An open-source library, React was created back in 2013 by Facebook and it is widely used by such titans as Twitter, Slack, WhatsApp, and Airbnb, among many others. The reason for React´s success is the easy programming that it provides, as it implements functional coding with components. It is one of the quickest frameworks to work with and it is regularly updated to provide greater quality and additional functionality. According to the State of Developer ecosystem survey, React is used by 60% of developers. In fact, it is the most loved framework of Stackoverflow for almost 47%.

JavaScript Frameworks


Angular is one of the earliest JavaScript frameworks, having been created by Google in 2010. The Guardian and are two well-known companies that use Angular to power their web applications. Since it is supported by Google and has a massive community, the framework is predicted to have a very bright future. Angular uses TypeScript, which provides type-checking, and other handy tools to simplify the development process, such as Angular Language Service, which offers autocomplete. According to BuiltWith, Angular powers over 97,000 websites.


Vue.js was founded in 2014, and its popularity has only grown since then. Vue.js is used by companies like AliExpress and GitLab in their development process. Due to its small size, Vue.js offers advantages such as increased speed and flexibility, as well as improved performance. For example, when comparing Angular and Vue.js, the latter is faster due to leveraging virtual DOM. Moreover, it is known for its versatility as it works for both simple and complex applications and can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructures without causing damage to the system. As per BuiltWith´s statistics, Vue.js powers over 1 million websites.

Angular vs Vue vs React: A Detailed Comparison

Putting together a technology stack is quite a tedious procedure, as it depends on a variety of factors. You should always start by identifying your business goals and project needs, as defining these clearly will help you choose the corresponding tools you need to achieve them. It will also help you avoid a poor choice of technology, which will only complicate the process.

If your project requires a front end framework and you are struggling with choosing between Vue vs Angular vs React, let's see which of them can be most beneficial to use in order to meet your business goals.

Vue JS vs React vs Angular Comparison

Vue JS React Angular
Size 30.67 KB production

279 KB development

109.7 KiB production

774.7 KiB development

167 KB production

1.2 MB development

Learning Curve Easy Medium Learn TypeScript
Complete web apps Needs third party tools Has to be integrated with other tools Can be used alone
Rendering Server side Server side Client side
Coding speed Quick Normal Slow
Model Virtual DOM Virtual DOM MVC
Startup time Quick Quick Longer
Trusted by Facebook, Adobe, GitLab, Grammarly Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo Upwork, Netflix, The Guardian, PayPal

Vue JS vs Angular vs React: When To Use


Use Case


  • You are looking for high performance;
  • Your project's scope is somewhat limited;
  • You don't have any skilled front-end developers on your team, but you do have people that know JavaScript;
  • You cannot afford to learn new technology;
  • Good for developing SPA and it supports Native apps.


  • Your project is large and complex;
  • You are looking for a reliable scalability;
  • You can afford TypeScript talent before starting the project with Angular;
  • Ideal for developing Native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.


  • Deadlines are tight;
  • Your project can include reusable components;
  • Scalability and performance are critical;
  • The front end of your project is not complex;
  • Ideal for developing SPA and mobile apps.

Vue vs Angular vs React: Pros and Cons

Vue.js Angular React
  • Flexibility
  • Simplifies two-way communication
  • Enables development of large-scale templates
  • Small size
  • May be used to create full single-page applications as well as to add components to existing apps
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Great selection of third-party integrations
  • Very detailed documentation, support and online tutorials
  • Offers faster load time
  • Increased security
  • Fully customizable
  • Offers large-scale projects a way to perform a number of different functions
  • Simplifies creation of dynamic web applications
  • Offers reusable components
  • Improves performance due to virtual DOM
  • SEO friendly
  • Its applications are easy to test
  • Offers many handy tool sets
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Being too flexible sometimes can be problematic
  • Does not have a wide support network as it is less popular
  • Potential language barriers, as most of its users are not English speakers
  • Has limited SEO options despite the fact that it is powered by Google
  • Difficult to learn because of complex web modules, coding languages, integration and vast customizing capabilities
  • Is only appropriate for complex projects
  • Its high pace of development creates discomfort when adopting many continuous updates
  • Covers only UI layers of an app;
  • Usage of JSX syntax makes it harder to learn
  • Poor documentation because of constant updates

How To Hire Front End Developers: Step By Step Guide

It's not a simple task to find a front end developer with the right skill set for your business's specialized niche. Despite the fact that it is a time-consuming and tiresome process, it is crucial for your project's success that you find the right person for the job. Using reliable sources, proper recruitment approaches and processes will help you find the talent that your project requires.

If you require programmers for your project, there are a few steps you should consider to simplify the process.

Create An Attractive Job Description

To begin your search for a front end developer, it is essential to create a job description, however, make sure it is as appealing as possible. To avoid any misunderstanding and for complete transparency, the job description must clearly express and underline all relevant requirements and duties. You must describe in detail who your ideal candidate is and what skill set he or she must possess in order to match the requirements of your project. In general, the most in-demand front end developer skills include:

  • A degree in computer science or similar discipline;
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery;
  • Deep knowledge of such frameworks as Vue.js, Angular and/or React;
  • Understanding of server-side rendering;
  • Understanding of key design principles;
  • Experience with graphic design applications;
  • Ability to work with other team members as well as independently;
  • Good English communication skills.

Keep in mind that the skills you include in your job description will vary depending on the business and project goals. Make sure to clearly identify and explain the skill set you require in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

Where to Find Front End Developers?

Depending on what you're looking for, there are a variety of sources where you can find your perfect front end developer candidate. Choosing the best recruiting website is critical to your project's success.

Traditional job portals

If you're short on time, traditional job portals might be able to assist you find a front end developer quickly that will meet your business’s needs.These include Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Careerbuilder, and Glassdoor.

Freelance marketplaces

Many freelance developers are likely to be interested in working on a project like yours. If you want to recruit a freelance front end developer, you should keep an eye on well-known freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr as well as,, and Jobs.

Remote-first forums

There are numerous websites where you may find candidates to work remotely for your company. Websites like, Remotive, and WWR, for example, are very popular among candidates for front end developer roles.

Outsourcing companies

This is the quickest and most cost-effective method of bringing on a front end developer to help your team. Through effective recruitment techniques, outsourcing agencies provide you with qualified professionals that can perfectly fit your project’s needs. It is worth noting that East European countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Romania are among the most popular destinations for outsourcing.

Ask Candidates The Right Questions In the Interview

Apart from a thorough examination of the candidate's CV, challenging the potential employee with relevant questions will reveal whether the developer truly possesses the necessary programming skills and experience. Clearly, candidates' interview questions for senior front end developers will differ from those for junior or mid-level professionals. Thus, asking the right questions will reveal the candidate's thinking process and their approach to problem-solving. When conducting an interview with a front end developer, make sure to ask the following questions:

Check For a Technical Background

These kinds of questions are a fantastic way to get the interview started. You may want to know about the candidate's previous work history, as well as his or her duties in previous roles. Here you can expect to gather information about the following:

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • JavaScript knowledge and skills
  • Project experience

Candidates should be able to discuss their technical background and work experience, as this will help to clarify their seniority in front end development. It's a good idea to ask for examples of previous or current projects. In addition, your senior front end developer interview questions must elicit information about the candidate’s experience of the usage and comprehension of front end frameworks and tools, such as Angular, Vue.js and React.

Ask About Completed Certifications and Courses

Front end development offers a lot of prospects for career growth, thus, becoming a certified front end developer brings many employment opportunities and benefits. Inquiring about certificates and courses might help to confirm a candidate’s professional capabilities and mastery of the language. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a senior front end developer, not only should your interview questions demand information regarding experience with front end frameworks and tools, but it is also highly recommended that the candidate can show they have completed relevant certifications and courses.

Don’t Forget About the Soft Skills

It's critical to assess new specialist’s soft skills before integrating them into the workflow. This will help you understand how the candidate will work with the rest of the team and communicate his or her ideas and thoughts. Pay attention to the employee's attitude to see how he or she would react in stressful situations, as well as his or her capacity and willingness to learn new skills along the way. It may be of interest to you that there are recruitment tools that can assist you in identifying soft skills as well. For example, certain tests can offer you results for problem-solving skills and communication abilities, among many other things.

Front End Developers’ Hourly Rates and Salaries

Front end developers are in a high demand in practically every market and sector. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as major organizations employ front end developers. Most of the time they are hired as local full-time employees, as full-time remote developers, or as freelancers. Let's have a look at the hourly rates and salaries of each type of employment of a front end developer.

Front End Freelancers

Hiring freelancers works best for short-term projects, as there is no need to get involved in a long-term commitment with the freelancer. Freelance front end developers work independently and possess time flexibility. Depending on what type of front end developer you are looking for, most probably you will come across different hourly rates for different skill sets. Let's compare the hourly rates of freelance Vue.js vs Angular vs React developers.

According to Upwork, the average hourly rate of hiring a freelance Vue.js developer varies from $19 to $35 per hour. The same source shows that the hourly rate of a freelance React developer ranges from $20 to $38 per hour. Last but not least, Upwork claims that freelance Angular developers expect to earn between $20 to $78 per hour.

JavaScript Framework

Average Hourly Rates


$19 - $35 per hour


$20 - $38 per hour


$20 - $78 per hour

Below is a summary, across all experience levels, of the average hourly rate distribution of each of the framework developers around the world.

Vue Developer Hourly Rate Distribution


Angular Developer Hourly Rate Distribution


React Developer Hourly Rate Distribution


Local Full-Time Front End Developers

When you require a front end programmer for a long period of time, hiring a local full-time developer is the best option. Since you are limited in terms of geography, it may take longer to find a dedicated front end programmer; nevertheless, once you have found them you will employ a specialist who will take the time to completely understand your company processes to the core and will be available to participate in all the necessary projects. There are a lot of brilliant developers out there who have the necessary expertise and who are eager to work full-time.

Average Salary of a Front End Developer In the United States

The average salary of front end developers in the United States is influenced by a number of factors. The numbers (derived from various sources) may differ depending on the level of expertise, location, and advanced skills mastery, among other factors. Let's compare the average salaries of developers mastering JavaScript's most demanding frameworks, Angular, Vu.js and React.

According to , to hire a Vue JS developer in the United States costs $88,071 per year. Taking into consideration the experience level of the programmers, the average salary ranges from $58,500 and $128,250 per year.

The Average Vue Developer Salary in the USA

Same source claims that the average salary of a React developer in the United States is $117,000 per year. Taking into consideration the experience level of the programmers, the average salary ranges between $99,746 and $150,000 per year.

The Average React Developer Salary in the USA

Finally, as per statistics, to hire a dedicated Angular developer in the United States costs $112,430 per year. Taking into consideration the experience level of the programmers, the average salary ranges from $97,500 and $139,016 per year.

The Average Angular Developer Salary in the USA

Full-Time Remote Front End Developers

Hiring on a remote basis provides flexibility in terms of location and time zones as well as extending the possibility of finding the necessary talent at a suitable price. Ukraine has become popular in outsourcing front end developers, due to their professionalism, brilliant development skills and outstanding English communication skills. Looking for any type of front end developer in Ukraine is the perfect choice for those who would like to extend their team for a project, save money, or just get rid of the tedious recruitment process.

Let’s compare the average salary of front end developers in Ukraine to the numbers that we have for the United States.

According to, the largest developer community in Ukraine, a senior front end developer salary in Ukraine is $4200 per month, ranging from $3600 to $4850, making it approximately $50k per year. This is obviously substantially more affordable than the United States’ hiring market.

Senior Front End Developer Salary in Ukraine

As per, the average entry level front end developer salary is $700 per month, ranging from $550 to $1000 per month.

Junior Front End Developer Salary in Ukraine


Now that we have discussed all the topics concerning the JavaScript frameworks Angular, React and Vue.js, hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of which one will work best for your project. If you prefer flexibility over other features, then you should consider using React. If you have talent with deep knowledge of TypeScript, then you can use Angular. If you want a separation of concerns in your application, Vue.js will be the perfect choice. The information provided in this guide is based on extensive, up-to-date research in order to give you a clear picture of what each framework is about.

Taking into consideration the fact that React is the top choice of many developers, there is a good chance it will fit your project as well. However, before jumping to conclusions, identify the objectives and needs of your project. This step can never be left out if you want to develop an efficient product.

Front-End Frameworks Overview

Source: State of JS

When it comes to hiring developers, you should focus on your business’s needs. Hiring freelancers works best for short-term projects, while for long-term projects you should consider full-time employment of developers. Hiring on a remote basis provides flexibility as well as giving you a wider talent pool to choose from and potentially making substantial savings for your business.

And one last reminder that one of the most famous destinations for IT outsourcing is Ukraine. Ukraine’s IT industry is flourishing and, according to the research data, it grew by 27% in 2017. Over the years, Ukrainian developers have gained an outstanding reputation as qualified and highly skilled specialists worldwide. Stack Overflow reports that there are more than 166,000 developers in Ukraine, and thanks to excellent technical education in the country, the number is growing year by year. You can be sure the quality of your project will remain the same, so the only question is how much would you like to invest.

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