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How To Hire JavaScript Developers

Hire JavaScript developers

How to Hire JavaScript Web Developers: Hourly Rates, Salaries, Cost

JavaScript (JS) is a top-level programming language for developing, enhancing, and changing interactable web and mobile apps. Because JS is an integral part of web functionality, it is supported by all web browsers and tools and can be used in non-browser environments.

Brendan Eich wrote JavaScript in just 10 days back in 1995., when the Internet was static, based on simple HTML and CSS. JS brought dynamics to it and quickly gained popularity in the front-end, becoming the web's standard programming language. You could say that HTML structured the content, CSS styled it, and JavaScript breathed life into it.

What is The JavaScript Development

JavaScript developers usually work on a process known as the Software Development Life Cycle, which is comprised of six phases: analysis, documentation, design, development, implementation, testing, and evaluation. Continuous advancements in JavaScript have allowed JS developers to work with all sides of the software industry. While programming languages are usually designed with specific goals in mind, often related to developers' needs at a particular point in time, ultimately, the language's logic reveals its long-term utility. The rise of JavaScript to the top has shown the power of an agile platform on which developers can create second-tier technologies.

What is the use of JavaScript for web development?

Because of advances in browser technology and the move to the server with NodeJS, JavaScript can do much more now than it could a few years ago. Here is a quick rundown of how JavaScript is used in web development.

Client web apps and websites

Any modern website does JavaScript at some level. React and ES6 + have made web application development using JavaScript much more accessible.

Desktop applications

JS is used in office suites Microsoft and Open Office in Adobe applications.

Server apps

With NodeJS, JS moved from browser to server. Node.JS lets you build IoT device apps, server apps, desktop apps, and more.

Mobile applications

Creating mobile apps is possible with top JavaScript Mobile Frameworks.

Web servers

Back-end framework ExpressJS helps you overclock your web server and write APIs.


Node.JS provides an excellent runtime environment for running scripts.


In-browser games have grown exponentially with the addition of the HTML5 canvas.

Digital art

JavaScript is suitable not only for web development. HTML5 specification allows the browser to render 3D shapes and master the environment for digital art projects.


With JS you can create web slide presentations with unlimited web design and interactivity.

Internet of things

Over the past few years, more and more diverse projects have emerged to bind JS and Node.JS with the Internet of Things.

Why JavaScript holds industry grounds

In the RedMonk language ranking, quantified by GitHub and StackOverflow's popularity, JavaScript came out on top. 11 million developers use it. According to RedMonk experts, the reason for the dominance of JavaScript is pretty apparent. It's good, and developers prefer the best tools for the job.

RedMonk programming language ranking

Modern browsers can now make even "static" sites interactive and fully dynamic. The logic is handled client-side, right in the browser, because of JavaScript. Alternative technologies are also suitable for solving these problems, (for example, WebAssembly), but it is not yet mature enough. There are alternatives to JavaScript on the server and in embedded systems, but there it has a niche too. JS is likely to remain the dominant language for front-end applications for the next 10 years. Many companies are investing vast amounts of money in the development of engines in which JavaScript is executed, so it remains relevant.

JavaScript is ranked StackOverflow's ranked dominant language

In July 2020, JS became the seventh in the TIOBE index, which is based on search query statistics, and first in the number of pull requests to GitHub in Q2 2020.

JavaScript programming language rating by TIOBE index

Benefits of JavaScript Development Services

  • Flexibility - The flexible syntax can handle and accurately execute multiple variations of code. Developed products are reusable, portable, and platform-independent.
  • Simplicity - JS uses the DOM, which provides many pre-defined functions for different objects on pages, making it easier to script development for a custom task.
  • Rich interfaces - If you need to expand the functionality of a product or create a truly rich interface, JS is great for this purpose. New high-level functions are continually being developed for it; there are many libraries and APIs.
  • Delegation - This is a method that allows you to call functions on a specific instance regardless of the hierarchical structure. You can share JS code with no restrictions.
  • Popularity and support - JS has one of the largest communities of any programming language, which means your questions will be answered. If you need to hire developers, this is also a big plus since the candidate' pool is large.
  • Versatility - You can use the language inside scripts written in other languages. JavaScript also supports most of the structured programming syntax from C.
  • Easy to debug and test - JavaScript syntax is easy to understand. This programming language is easy to learn and use, is compatible with other technologies, and can develop dynamic and scalable websites.
  • Economic efficiency - Software development with JavaScript is cost-effective for companies looking for websites on a tight budget.

JavaScript is growing in popularity every day and is by far the best scripting language out there for creating exciting interfaces and making web app development easier. It is often referred to as a beginner's language because it's fairly easy to learn and use.

JavaScript disadvantages

  • Client security - JS code is always visible and cannot be hidden from competitors or other users which can read the code or reuse it. Accordingly, mistakes and miscalculations can be used for malicious purposes.
  • The language is compiled - at the time the code is executed. JavaScript code compiles every time you open the site, which increases program execution time.
  • There is no data typing - The language is weakly typed and leaves much more room for errors that can only be detected by running the program.
  • Cross-browser problems - JavaScript code can be interpreted differently by different browsers, making it difficult to write cross-browser code. And new features often don't work in older browsers.

Fortunately, all the shortcomings of the JavaScript language are completely removable, so it can be safely used in any large-scale project.

Most Used and Best JavaScript Frameworks

While programming languages ​​are usually designed with specific goals in mind, often related to developers' needs at a particular point in time, the logic of the language ultimately reveals its long-term utility. The rise of JavaScript to the top has shown the power of an agile platform on which developers can create second-tier technologies.

Web developers extensively use JS libraries and frameworks because they provide generic programming functionality that can be selectively modified by adding custom hand-written code. JavaScript frameworks are considered to be more adaptable for web app design and device responsive app development. In the world of JavaScript, many lances were broken over the question of which JavaScript framework for enterprise application is the best.


This is a JavaScript framework for writing real, rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android, and with the latest update it's even more flexible.


AngularJS is a framework that makes it easy to create single-page web apps by extending HTML attributes' functionality. It is more complex than React but provides more usable front-end solutions.


NodeJS is an open-source cross-platform JS runtime that comes with real-time reusability and data exchange functionality. Server-side frameworks Express.JS or Meteor make NodeJS web development services the most efficient for various business purposes.


VueJS is a perspective framework that is used to create handsome and structured web pages and single-page apps. Suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to make quality projects in a short time.

JavaScript web development frameworks are released and updated frequently. Before choosing JavaScript software, you need to consider the project requirements or the framework opportunities' strengths and weaknesses.

JavaScript in mobile app development

JS was originally used only for client-side (front-end), but now it covers server-side (back-end) software development. JavaScript frameworks are fitted for mobile app development and can be used on any platform, including Android and iOS. Here is a list of frameworks that are most readily used in JavaScript app development that runs on various platforms.

Here is a list of the most commonly used frameworks to develop mobile apps for various platforms.

React Native

It is a sought-after cross-platform framework using built-in front-end components and APIs for developing user interfaces on various platforms.


It is an open-source Android platform providing 100% direct access to all Android and iOS operating systems' capabilities.

Apache Cordova

Cordova is a mobile app development framework that uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript instead of API platforms like Windows Phone, Android, or iOS.


Ionic is one of the most user-friendly Android platforms with a single code base for writing cross-platform apps for any device using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies.


Titanium is a young open-source platform used to write mobile apps for Blackberry, Android, Windows, iOS, and the mobile web which contains multiple platform APIs and cloud services as storage.

Will the demand for JavaScript developers grow?

JavaScript development services comprise the full cycle - from consulting to product launch and maintenance, and developers can target more platforms than any other high-level language. So there is a strong demand for JavaScript developers, especially those with a keen understanding of JavaScript libraries and frameworks as well as the basics that tie them all together.

Recruiting platform Devskiller, in its 2020 Global Hiring and Skills Report, presented its findings on present developer hiring trends. After careful analysis of over 200 thousand coding tests in 143 countries, they found that 72% of companies have vacancies for JavaScript developers.

The HackerRank report shows JavaScript developers are in demand in the market supply. That is to say, 48% of employers worldwide need to hire a JavaScript developer but only 42% of applicants are fluent in this language.

Web developers' demand is expected to grow nearly three times faster than any other field between 2018 and 2028.

web developer skills required by employers

How to Hire JavaScript Developers: Complete Guide

There is a step-by-step algorithm for hiring a suitable candidate for JavaScript development that recruiters and hiring managers can rely on. Read on to learn all the ins and outs of the hiring process.

Checklist to Hiring A JavaScript Expert

There are two ways to search: pay for the publication of a vacancy, wait for responses, select among them, and open the search and seek among thousands of profiles with resumes according to suitable parameters. Either way, the first step in the job search process is to write the right job description.

Create an attractive job description

Posting an effective JavaScript developer job should be simple and concise. A catchy JavaScript job description usually starts with a statement of the hiring company's core values and objectives. Next, you can mention the role that the JS developer will play in the company's overall success. List the job's qualifications and responsibilities with a bulleted list to make it easier for the applicant to absorb the information. Add some distinctive features so that the developer can distinguish your proposal from others.

Where to find JavaScript programmers?

The best option for posting vacancies is forums and social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) programmer exchanges, specialized sites, and freelance platforms (Codementor,, Coding Ninjas) and marketplaces (Upwork, Guru, Freelancer), and directories of trusted professionals. You can also use job boards (GitHub, Stack Overflow, Indeed), since they serve thousands of developers looking for clients.


The pre-interview screening will filter out the best candidates with relevant skills and competencies. Check out the candidate's previous experiences and JavaScript projects. (It is considered that the amount of JavaScript experience for a developer is less important than his recent experience. JavaScript is constantly developing, so a developer with one year of "fresh" experience is likely to be better than a programmer with five years of experience who has not written a single line of code for the last year). Most employers require the following technical skills and qualifications from applicants:

Junior JavaScript developer

  • JavaScript, HTML, HTML5 and CSS3
  • DOM and events
  • Foreground frameworks

Middle JavaScript developer

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language (PHP, C, etc.)
  • Understanding the REST paradigm at an abstract level
  • Understanding MySQL / PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker
  • Knowledge of TypeScript and desire to learn more
  • 2+ years of experience

Senior JavaScript developer

  • Knowledge of TypeScript / CoffeeScript
  • Deep understanding of REST and experience in creating RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with Angular, React, and other
  • Comprehension SOLID Principles and GOF Patterns
  • Another programming language
  • Knowledge of OAuth and security requirements for internet service.
  • 5+ years of experience

Hiring skills front-end and back-end developers

Front-end developers need to know frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, and Web Pack.

Back-end developers need knowledge and experience with NodeJS development services and various databases such as SQL or MongoDB. GraphQL or REST is essential for building APIs, so the engineer must experience one of these technologies.

What is a full-stack JavaScript developer?

The full-stack means hiring developers who are comfortable working with both server-side and front-end technologies. A full-stack JavaScript developer should be able to write back-end code that runs on the OS, pulls data from the database, and displays it in a web browser (front-end).


The right interview questions will help you recognize a good JavaScript developer and learn about his behavioral intelligence and hard and soft skills.

Check for a technical background

Senior developers or programmers conduct technical interviews with extensive JavaScript knowledge who can test the candidate's level of experience in the JS environment. If you have a link to a candidate's GitHub account, it can be used to estimate the candidate's project count and commit frequency.

Ask about completed certifications and courses

With the world of JavaScript constantly changing, candidate skill certifications are quickly becoming obsolete. But their thing is always up to date, and that is the GitHub account. Skilled JavaScript developers frequently take part in open-source projects as contributors or create software for the common good themselves.

Instead of a certificate, participation as a speaker in JavaScript conferences is suitable. Developers with very high skills in a particular field are often invited to share their experiences with these technologies.

Ask the candidate the right questions in the interview

JavaScript interview question regarding developer experience

Q1: What technologies listed on your resume have you had commercial experience in during the last year and what were your responsibilities?

You can learn more about a candidate's current Java experience, responsibilities, and accomplishments by asking this question.

Q2: Which JavaScript libraries do you find the most valuable and why?

This question shows how immersed the candidate is in the JavaScript ecosystem. The choice of technology is also indicative.

Q3: Think about an unsuccessful decision you made on a programming project. Why was this a mistake, and could anything have been done differently? What steps have you taken to improve the situation and what have you learned from this experience?

This behavioral question will help you find out how the candidate analyzes his mistakes and what conclusions he draws.

Don't forget about the soft skills

This part of the interview is aimed at revealing interpersonal skills. Questions are never asked directly to shift the initiative to the candidate.

Q4: How long do you hold the grudge? This question can clarify how the candidate ended the relationship with the previous employer and how much the candidate is focused on the present.

Q5: What do you know about the company? This trivial question will help to understand whether the candidate has studied the company and the product, and if they have difficulties in answering, then they do not have enough motivation.

Effective communication is essential to building elite teams and products. Here are some interpersonal skills that candidates should possess:

  • Ability to transform project requirements into technical specifications
  • Desire to grow both professionally and personally
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to respond to criticism calmly
  • Openness and empathy

How much does it cost to hire a coder for JavaScript?

JavaScript is a skill that will make you a very promising candidate in almost every market in every industry. JavaScript developers work in both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations. They are hired as local full-time employees, as full-time remote developers, or as freelancers.

Local Full-Time JavaScript Developers

The average JavaScript developer salary in the US is well above the industry average. As of Feb 9, 2021, JavaScript experts' average annual fee is $113,115 per year. Accordingly, $9,426 per month, $2,175 per week, or $54.38 per hour.

JavaScript Developer Salary in the US

Seniority has a tremendous impact on the formation of the last paycheck since the United States has introduced a system of additional payments for seniority in the IT field.

Work experience:

  • Up to 1 year - 15% of the minimum salary
  • 1-4 years - 40%
  • 5-9 years old - 20%
  • 10-19 years old - 16%
  • From 20 years old - 9%

JavaScript developer salary in the US 

Job Title Senior JavaScript Developer JavaScript Software Engineer Kendo UI Contract JavaScript Developer Senior JavaScript Engineer

Monthly Pay

$9,953 $10,453   $10,491 $10,659


This percentage breakdown is because after five years of working at an IT company, the rate increases significantly and there is no need to reward the employee with large bonuses for seniority.

Full-Time Remote JavaScript Developers

Instead of hiring developers in first-world countries with more expensive labor, business owners should pay attention to eastern European countries. In terms of the quality of services provided, Ukraine is not inferior to any other European country. Ukrainian programmers are appreciated all over the world. They are hired by various companies throughout the world - directly or through domestic outsourcing firms. Although Ukrainian engineers' salaries have exploded over the past five years, they are still lower than those received by engineers in the United States and Great Britain. This difference in income is large because of the low cost of living in Ukraine, which allows qualified developers to charge a lower price for their services than anywhere else in the world. Hiring outsourcing JavaScript development companies in Ukraine is a great way to save time, money, and internal resources.

JavaScript developer salaries in December 2020, Lviv:

Experience Junior Software Engineer

I quartile

Middle Software Engineer

I quartile

Senior Software Engineer

I quartile

Team Technical Lead

I quartile

System Architect

I quartile

1 - 2 years $630 - $800 $1500 - $1600   - - -
2 - 5 years $900 - $1000 $1600 - $2000 $3500 $4000 $5700
5 - 10 years   _ $2300 - $6500 $3800 - $4000 $5000 $5700

The median salaries in product and outsourcing companies are almost the same. Whereas outsourcing they are a little lower for specialists of all titles. In different cities of Ukraine, salaries may vary.

JavaScript Developer Salary in Ukraine by city

JavaScript Freelancers

Hiring freelancers can be a very cost-effective solution, but try to balance rate and skill level with quality for the economy. Working with remote developers combines the advantages of both models - their rates are usually lower than the salaries of local full-time developers, and their availability and professional experience are the same or even higher.

The difference in developer salaries around the world is huge and depends on the skill level, employment regime, region of residence, and work specs.

  • Eastern Europe: ranging from $25 to $50
  • Asia: ranging from $18 to $40
  • Latin America: ranging from $35 to $70
  • Africa: ranging from $15 to $40

Consider a freelancer if:

  • Your project is small and requires little ongoing maintenance
  • You have a specific task that a freelance developer can handle
  • You need a software developer with specialized skills that won't be required for other projects

Why Hire JavaScript Developers in Ukraine

Many IT companies and a favorable business climate make Ukraine a leading global information technology center and a reliable supplier of experienced personnel for software development outsourcing JS services. There are more than 400 technological universities and colleges in Ukraine, and these educational institutions produce about 25,000 graduates annually, the lion's share of whom become professional developers.

The popularity of outsourcing is due, in particular, to reduced taxation, flexible employment, understandable and attractive working conditions for foreign investors. Those who prefer to discuss project details with hired developers personally should know Ukraine is near Western European countries. And European project managers can fly there to any European capital and other major cities in Europe. For example, a flight from London to Kyiv will take only 3 hours 25 minutes. The flight from Kyiv to New York will take longer, but it is still faster than from Asia.

Pros of outsourcing JavaScript development to Ukraine

There are over 64,000 JavaScript developers in Ukraine, most of whom are tech-savvy and provide the highest quality product. They are versatile and capable of handling any project, no matter how complicated it is. Another peculiarity of Ukraine is the prevalence of Senior developers over Middle and Junior software specialists. The level of expertise of specialists allows outsourcing companies to contribute significantly to the success of leading Fintech companies' projects. 81% of Ukrainian outsourcing developers speak English at an intermediate level and are well versed in IT topics. The absence of a language barrier makes business communication more relaxed. 85% of programmers from Ukraine have higher education - this is one reason for their high professionalism.

When and Why to Outsource JavaScript Development Services

The value of JavaScript is hard to overestimate. For this reason, skilled JavaScript developers are always in great demand. Therefore, if your country's tax rates are too high, or if there is a shortage of JavaScript experts in your area, the best solution is to outsource the development to an offshore provider.

Access to a global pool of talents

Besides accessing the global IT marketplace, you gain access to a diverse pool of developers with a wide range of development skills and experience and, thanks to the speed of connectivity provided by modern technologies, can take full advantage of their services. Hiring remote developers allows a company to hire qualified remote developers without regard to geographic location and allows them to make money by applying their skills. With constant and effective communication and clear and detailed planning, working with remote developers can be very productive.

Because remote developers are in different cities of the world and in different time zones, at least one member of your team will work on your project. This appreciably reduces the time frame and increases the pace of project development. Remote developers focus less on the hours spent in the office and more on the quality of the work they do.

Cost Efficiency

Having no need to create an office workspace vastly reduces development costs. Thus, it is possible to invest in developing and improving communication, project management tools, and collaboration between the company and the remote development team. Hiring an outsourcing team also means that you can make some adjustments to wages in line with the cost-of-living standards in cities/countries.

Low tax rates are an additional argument in favor of outsourcing abroad. In Ukraine, the rate is only 5%, which is 10 times lower than in any other European country. Ukrainian JavaScript development companies take over all functions in the back office, including administrative operations, taxes, payroll, and paperwork, and at least 25% cheaper than in other popular regions.

Support For Your Team

One of the most important reasons companies employ remote staff is to expand their talent pool. There are many advantages to this: they form different teams and access a wider range of skills and experience across different industries. It's a great way to bring alternative perspectives, perspectives, and ideas to the company.

You can also hire a dedicated JavaScript developer or a complete team of programmers, managers, business analysts, and so on. By hiring an outsourcing team you are getting a close-knit collective who is comfortable working with each other. This approach is considered the most successful and effective and ensures the highest commitment from hired dedicated developers.


Either way, hiring a professional JavaScript developer who meets all your requirements and has the exact set of required skills is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, we are here to help you with this task.

If you want to take advantage of software development with JavaScript, the key to your success is HUD. We are one of the leading JS development companies that offer our experience and expertise in providing the best JavaScript software development services. We've used JavaScript to deliver dozens of client projects across nearly all of our target verticals. You will get a well-motivated and highly professional development team fully devoted to your project. If you need to hire a dedicated JavaScript developer for your project, contact us. We will provide you with JS experts who can get started immediately.

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