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Outsourcing Software Development in Ukraine as a Solution for Your Project

outsourcing to Ukraine

As international business becomes more diversified and the relationships between large multinational companies transition into more complex ones, outsourcing is reasonably considered one of the best ways to ensure the efficiency of the large and medium businesses. Nowadays, thousands of outsourcing companies around the world offer their services to large corporations.

But with the abundance of such companies, how can you determine which one can deliver the end product of the desired quality? That is precisely what this article is about: finding a good offshore software development company that is up to meeting these high-quality standards.

New Outsourcing Destinations to Explore

For more than a decade, most Western companies outsourced their projects or particular tasks to just a couple of countries, like India or China. Nowadays, outsourcing is a global practice that takes over developing countries across the globe. Countries throughout Central Europe, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Latvia, have become the international information technology outsourcing hubs.

The rapid and steady development of outsourcing in these countries allows for a wide range of partnering companies to choose from, which is always a good thing when it comes to delegating projects to foreign partners.

On the other hand, such a vast market makes it challenging to distinguish a reliable outsourcing company from a not-so-reliable developer who might waste resources due to failing to deliver the desired product. Choosing the right contractor is the major challenge in the outsourcing industry, and unsurprisingly, some offshore software development companies fail to meet client expectations.

To avoid financial losses, it is best to choose from a number of reputable companies that have already proven to be reliable partners over the years of close cooperation with major Western companies.

Ukrainian Software Outsourcing

Speaking of the quality outsourcing services in Eastern Europe, it is possible to mention several IT hubs that have developed over the past decade or so. Ukrainian software engineering is relatively young, but it has already developed into a powerful information technology outsourcing center.

There are more than 200,000 developers in Ukraine, which almost makes them a distinctive social class in the country. It is expected that the software developer population will double over the next few years. That is why there is no problem finding a good development team for any project in Ukraine.

A Highly Competitive Environment

Such an abundance of outsourcing companies in Ukraine makes up for heavy competition that forces contractors to drop their prices and increase the quality of the services and products they deliver. That is a highly beneficial trend for Western companies that hire information technology outsource companies in Ukraine.

Evidently, having outsourced teams compete for the most prestigious and lucrative contracts is beneficial for Western clients. The reduced cost of production translates into significant cost savings for the Western companies that use the services of outsourcing firms. That, however, is not the only advantage of outsourcing to Ukraine.

The Advantages of Outsourcing to Ukraine

1. Superior Quality

The quality of software development outsourcing Ukraine is exactly what makes Western companies hire Ukrainian developers over the rest. The significant advantage of outsourcing to Ukraine is the attitude of the local developers, which ensures excellent performance and the high quality of the product they deliver.

2. Shared Values and Culture

Ukraine is the nation that shares European values and cherishes Western culture. Apart from, of course, full command of programming languages, all Ukrainian developers speak English, which makes communication and cooperation comfortable for every Western client.

3. The Versatility of Local Developers

Ukrainian developers can embark on literally any project just because there are so many of them. Starting with mobile app development and ending with leading critical software engineering projects, these specialists can handle any task. From app developers to advanced software engineers, these developers take on any challenge.

4. Cost Efficiency

As said earlier, outsourcing to developing countries is wise due to the low cost of production in these countries. When it comes to IT outsourcing Ukraine is easily the best destination in Europe due to the current economic state of the country and their very welcoming business environment. Putting it differently, the service in Ukraine is much more affordable than it is in other European countries.

Depending on the level of expertise and expected responsibilities, the average monthly salary of an IT professional ranges from $500 to $5,000, and the software engineering salary falls from $1,500 to $3,000 a month. Additionally, even when compared with neighboring countries, Ukrainian engineers are pretty affordable. Nevertheless, Ukrainian software outsourcing rates are much lower when compared to US rates.

IT specialist salary Ukraine

Things to Keep in Mind

In spite of the listed benefits, there surely are some drawbacks to outsourcing, and unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate these issues entirely as of right now.

More importantly, outsourcing means giving up control over the completion of some tasks or entire projects. There is no way to supervise the outsourcers, and that is where some inconveniences can occur along the way.

Still, outsourcing software development to Ukraine might be the best choice because of its geographic location: it is possible to fly to its major cities in one to two hours from any major European city. Therefore, it might even be possible to communicate with Ukrainian developers face-to-face throughout the duration of the project.

Wrap Up

Outsourcing is always associated with risk, just because the people that work on the projects, which might have an essential meaning for the company, are foreigners. However, hiring outsourcers might be the right call for companies that aim to expand and augment their teams or delegate some non-essential projects overseas. This means that outsourced specialists can become an excellent addition to in-house teams or complete tasks that do not require immediate attention.

With Ukrainian outsourcers, the possibilities become bigger than that, because the country is located in the heart of Europe, which makes it possible to outsource even some of the essential tasks. That is why Ukraine must be on the radar of any business looking to find reliable partners and hire reputable outsourcing software developers.

For these reasons, outsourcing software development to Ukraine might be the perfect solution.

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